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Call me old fashioned, but I'm a draw it out on paper kind of lady!

From the initial sketch to the math for sizing, I have honed my skill to a concise set of actions to get the results I need! When it's time to design a new piece you will likely find me on my belly with a sketch pad, notebook, and calculator in hand! 

A pile of journals lay on a marble background. The first is a brown spiral notebook in the upper right hand corner. Beside it lays a white spiral sketch pad with a pentagonal drawing on the page it's opened too. Three green journals lay on top of them. The first says "JOURNAL" on the front and the spiral is enclosed in the notebook it's self. The second is a thick spiral notebook, and the third lays flat on top so you can read an Irish blessing "May you always walk in sunshine, may you never want for more, may Irish angels rest their wings, right beside your door". A clover imprint rests in the bottom right hand corner.
About Our Leather


Not every idea is a winner, and we take that process very seriously! 

Designing for me is about finding those next level special patterns, and bringing them to life!

That means trial and error, and a lot of time working out the kinks!


My process has always involved playing with the yarn and allowing it to become the sort of garment it wants to become! 

For this reason I often must design with a yarn I know well and have used often!

I never throw yarn away! This reason is multi fold beginning with sustainability and wanting to be wise with my impact on earth, but it also stems from my desire to find what the yarn wants to be! Perhaps it wasn't made for one design, but there is another plan that it will work for, and I like to find that out!

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