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Ila Quinn Designs focuses on pieces that are functional with an eye for construction, textures, and techniques to keep you enjoying the process of making and wearing! 

If you read the first page then you know the set up of the orange linen dress with the dramatic peach colored rhombus in a row wrap. This is another in that photo shoot. Only this time the photographer and model (They are the same person) got tired of doing photos and grabbed a cup of coffee. The cup of coffee is a beautiful brown and grey pottery mug, so it's cool.
Same orange dress and Rhombus in a row photo shoot, but this time it's a shot from behind and the wrap is around her waist and over her right shoulder so you can really see the fringe!!!


My name is Ila (pronounced i-lu) Quinn, and I am the sole designer, maker, and model behind Ila Quinn Designs! I've been designing garments for 25 years, and crocheting for 33! I LOVE making, but more than that, I love wearing and using the items I made!

With my long history of both designing and stitching I want to help you make your own clothes too!

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