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About Ila Quinn Designs. Our passion for crochet design, striking colors, and teaching technique!

Updated: May 15

Welcome to Ila Quinn Designs! We believe in kindness, inclusivity, and a life covered in handmade goodness!

Many of my posts contain affiliate links. If you purchase from a link I've included I may get a small kickback at no additional cost to you! This helps run Ila Quinn Designs and helps me provide free content to you! Thank you for your support!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Ila Quinn, but I typically go by Quinn. I have been crocheting for 33 years now, ever since my older sister sat across a table from 5-year-old me so she could show me, a lefty, how to crochet while she, a righty, was forming the stitches! I had been begging to learn and she was the one who figured out how to teach me! I spent my little years playing with what few yarn scarps I could find. I would use a leftover ball of yarn from someone else's project and I would wind and unwind the ball, get a hook and make stitches I didn't know the names of, frog the project, and start again! I also learned how to embroider young! A form of art that I still use, and that gave way to my growing collection of Cross stitch patterns.

Those years taught me the love of working with yarn and thread, but it was my teen years that saw rise to the desire to make my own clothing! I spent every moment I could sewing dresses and skirts for myself in fabrics and styles I couldn't find in stores. At 17, the same big sister who taught me to crochet was getting married, and I made her wedding dress from scratch! We delicately took apart a dress she adored but had worn thin and gingerly cut silk and satin layers and reassembled it bit by bit. From there I spent another decade designing my own sewing patterns and creating elegant garments in fun fabrics! I Sewed my own wedding gown in red silk, and started my first Etsy shop where I sold gorgeous home goods!

The other thing I learned is that how I learned to crochet is quite unique! Nearly completely self-taught, I would spend hours and hours playing with yarn and wondering if I could make a new idea work! I learned to crochet using knife hold which is fairly common, but I also tend to find the most straightforward way to form the stitches. I do this to ease the strain on my joins, and to increase the speed with which I crochet. This has sparked a desire to start a youtube channel where I can share my techniques and hopefully help others find confidence and speed in their crochet, and maybe learn a few new things along the way!

My goal is to create patterns you will want to make and will love having in your wardrobe! I want to share my love for all things fiber arts, and make garments that fit while also teaching you how to adjust them for YOU!

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