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"Get Thee to the Beach" Crochet Holiday Advent Shawl.

Updated: Jan 19

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I did a couple things this year that have long been on my list to make! One is a temperature blanket (I'll post more about that soon!), and the other is making an advent pattern!

Channy Peas Corner makes the most AMAZING gift boxes! They are always filled with her yarn themed flair, gorgeous hand dyed yarn, and little bonus gifts that will make you swoon! I had the pleasure of participating in this years Holiday Advent box, and I created what is possibly my favorite stitch marker collection to date!

Every time I see them I think "I did that!"

If you've ever tried to start a project with just the idea to make it a wrap, you know there are so many options!!! But this shape quickly stuck in my brain and I am so happy with how it came out!

I love a good triangle shawl, but the little added sides made me so happy!!! This ended up looking more like a square turned on its point with a little cut out for your head and shoulders!

Let's get into the yarn details!

Made with 1 full skein, and 12 mini skeins of DK (level 3) hand dyed yarn, the "Get Thee to the Beach" Shawl is constructed with 3 increases separating 4 panels that create a sort of incomplete square turned on it's point! Speaking of points! There are 5 of them so we get to add my second favorite finish, tassels!!! (First is fringe. Feel free to argue in the comments!)

I made my own order, but the dyers are all tagged below so you can show them some love for all their hard work! To see the original order check out THIS IG post here!

Please take the time to check out each dyer and enjoy their beautiful yarn, flair, and more!

The pattern is now available in my shop, and will be sure to keep you interested and engaged!

I often create more intermediate patterns, but this one is definitely on the higher end of that scale! Lots of interesting textures and techniques to keep an experienced crocheter interested! And maybe even learn something new!

Make sure to check out my Shop for the pattern, and thank you all for the kindness and excitement about this design!!! I'm so proud to have my first advent pattern in the books!!!

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