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Lemmy Grab My Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

You may find some affiliate links below! These help me run my business and provide free content on my blog at no additional cost to you!

Grab the Add free PDF HERE or keep reading for more information and the free pattern!

The "Lemmy grab my scarf" is the first free pattern I ever put up on my blog! This pattern has turned out to be the most wearable and comfortable infinity scarf I've ever come across. Stitched in Lion Brand Jeans yarn, using textured stitches, and a simple finish created a garment that even surprised me!

When I design I'm always looking for that extra "IT" factor. I didn't get into this game to design mediocre garments. I make so many things I don't create patterns for. And I do that because what I DO share I want to be epic!

The Lemmy Grab My Scarf came about in a most unusual way. I was actually designing a blanket! But it wasn't destined for that! And I am so glad that I messed around with ideas and created the perfect light, drapey, convertible infinity scarf!

First lets talk about the yarn. Lion Brand has a LOT of amazing yarn. I've been using their yarn personally for many many years before I even had the idea to start a crochet business! Jeans yarn is truly a wonder though... I designed this scarf 4 years ago and have worn it consistently since.

Here is a photo of how it looks now.

Legit cannot tell it's 4 years old or that I have not been gentle with it!

Not only has the yarn held up to wear and washing, but (possibly TMI, so skip if you are sensitive!) I actually had an epic postpartum nose bleed just a few weeks after finishing my original sample. I was out with all of my kids including the newborn, and when I returned home many things prevented me from washing it right away. Maybe I just got lucky, but I soaked it in warm water and then washed it in the washing machine, and it came out spotless! YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL!!! Almost no wear to the yarn from washing in the machine for the last 4 years, and no stains. And just so we are clear, I am not currently affiliated with Lion Brand Yarn co ( I totally am now, but leaving the original comment so you know how much I adore this yarn!). This is just me impressed! I loved this yarn from the start for its softness. Now I adore it for how easy it is to use in a normal life with kids and pets and stains!

On to the pattern!!!

~The first thing you will need is a 5mm H crochet hook. Gauge is not super vital though, so you can mess around a bit with which size you want to use! Just remember to account for more yardage if you choose a larger hook, or if your gauge is lose!

~A tapestry needle


That's it for notions unless you like to save your stitches by using a progress keepers like THESE

You will only need to know 3 basic crochet stitches to make this infinity scarf! Because of that I am calling this a super beginner friendly pattern!

Chains, single crochet, and double crochet!

(If you are struggling with color change or with mattress stitching, consider getting the PDF pattern instead! I have photo tutorials for both in the pattern, and it can be printed and kept for later use!)


In color A.

CH 37

Row 1: SC in second CH from hook, DC in next ST. *SC, DC* across. Turn. 36

Rows 2: CH 1. *SC, DC* across.

Rows 3-12: Repeat Row 2.

CC to color C.

Each Row is a repeat of Row 2.

Rows 13-15: Color C.

Rows 16-21: Color B.

Rows 22-24: Color A.

Rows 25-33: Color C.

Rows 34-45: Color B.

Rows 46-51: Color D.

Rows 52-54: Color B.

Rows 55-64: Color C.

Rows 65-67: Color B.

Rows 68-85: Color C.

Rows 86-94: Color B.

Rows 95-97: Color D.

Rows 98-109: Color C.

Rows 110-112: Color B.

Rows 113-121: Color A.

Rows 122-133: Color B.

Rows 134-142: Color C.

Rows 143-154: Color B.

Rows 155-163: Color A.

Rows 164-166: Color B.

Rows 167-169: Color A.

Rows 170-178: Color B.

Rows 179-190: Color C.

Rows 191-202: Color D.

Rows 203-214: Color B.

Rows 215-223: Color C.

Rows 224-229: Color B.

Rows 230-247: Color C.

Rows 248-250: Color D.

Clip yarn and pull through.


Join row 1 to row 250 using Mattress stitch (or your preferred joining method! I liked the invisible join of mattress, but you could just crochet them together)!


Join Color D anywhere along one edge of the scarf with a SL ST. SC 1 ST for each row around (250)

Note: Since the stitches on the edges alternate SC DC the edge will have two stitches close and then a little longer space and two more stitches. This creates a V in the fabric giving this easy border a little pizzazz!

Repeat on the second edge.

Clip yarn and pull through.

Weave in ends.

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