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The 40 year Gap temp scarf: Part 1

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I made my first temperature blanket in 2023, and was immediately inspired to create a temperature scarf. But I wanted to really delve into the project and look at a side by side comparison of previous years. I realized that a 40 year gap and side by side projects would be the perfect way to compare the differences in what I remember from my childhood, and how the weather is today!

I also didn't want a very large project. I have a VERY busy and VERY exciting year ahead of me, and I didn't want this glorious idea to derail any of my other projects (iykyk).

I used 10 colors of Hobbii yarn co. “Amigo” Sport weight yarn. I used a set of vibrant and eye catching colors both because I wanted the contrast to be strong, and because I am a firm believer in serotonin making at this point (successfully staving off the winter blues like a boss!)! The yarn world is your oyster though! Choose a palette that speaks to you, and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing! The key is to have it mean something to you.

If you want inspiration check out this collection of temp projects and color palettes to bring you inspiration!

Let's get into it! First things first, I figured out my average yearly temperature range here in Idaho, and I decided how many colors I wanted to have. Since Idaho has a range of over 100 degrees, I thought it would be really cool (pun intended) to use one color for a 10 degree range! This both simplified my making (it's easier to remember which color goes where!) and will be a more noticeable and marked change when the degrees vary in the 40 year gap by more than 10 degrees. You can see this play out in January below!

January 1984 is closer to the camera with temperatures ranging from 7 degrees to the low 40's at the very end. While January 2024 is showing temperatures ranging from the teens to the 60's.

I tape my color palette and my degree range into a small notebook (make sure to keep a pen with yours!) and the notebook is entirely dedicated to this project! Then I added two stitch markers, a pair of scissors, and my hook for the year into a notions bag, and I am ready to go!

I designed this project so we don't have weave in any ends (more on that later!) so I didn't need a tapestry needly this time, but in previous years I would add that to the bag as well!

As to the yardage, this kind of varies depending on which temperatures are most common in your area! I won't have a final count until December, but for now I would recommend getting 2 skeins of each color so you don't run out! In past years these delays have put me behind, and I don't want that for you!


Row 1 (January 1) Foundation single crochet 40 sts, turn.

Row 2 (January 2) Ch 2, single crochet in second st from hook, ch 1, sk 1, sc: rep from across, turn.

Rows 3-364 or 365: Ch 2, sc in first ch sp, ch 1, sk 1, sc; rep from across, turn.

When changing colors you can follow the method below to a clean edge!

Color Changes:

At the end of the row leave the last 2 loops on your hook from the final single crochet, drop the color you were working with, and pick up the new color to pull through the final 2 loops, turn and begin the next row like normal!

Clip the yarn you dropped each time you are changing colors, and tie the ends together so they don't slip! You don't need to weave them in if you don't want to, and I'll explain why below!

Now for the lack of ends.

Using any yarn/s that is the same weight as your scarf (mine is sport weight, so I have a few skeins ready), crochet 2 more scarfs the same width and length as your temperature scarfs. Using any joining method you like (I recommend Mattress Stitch or single crocheting the two sides together) join the sides together making sure all ends are tucked to the inside, and fasten off.

Finish off your scarf with a tassel or PomPom in your favorite color, and you are ready to go!!!

I will have more notes, finish photos, and insights at the end of the year! So follow along to see the final results!

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