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A long and dramatic Pink agate stone stitch marker framed beautifully in silver. Each stone is uniquely striped and swirled with whites and pinks!
Classy and elegant with a large clasp that makes it easy to use, and also makes it able to double as a shawl pin!

This collection of stone stitch markers from Ila Quinn Designs does double duty! What better way to show off your beautiful stitch marker than to use it as a shawl pin on that gorgeous finished piece you poured hours and hours of labor into?

Our stitch markers always come in our signature teal boxes with a free sticker included!

I ship without pricing information, so these can be shipped directly to a loved one as a gift as well! Let me know and I will send a personalized note!

These stitch markers are about 3 inches long with a large locking clasp making them perfect as either shawl pin or stitch markers.

Real rock pink striped agate stitch marker

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