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The crochet a Hat from Zero pattern is the pattern for you if you don't know how to read crochet patterns! It can be truly intimidating to download a pattern and see all of that jargon and all those terms and abbreviations. So I made the Zero pattern! I even added a section at the end to show you what it would look like if the pattern was written like a modern crochet pattern. I want to help you get comfortable so you can make yourself shawls, and that lovely sweater you have had your eye on! 


The sizing can be adjusted to any size as well. I noted the sizing for newborn babies, kids in middle school, and adults. But those are just averages, and you can measure your own head or the one of the person you are making it for and make the final measurement (the one for how long your rectangle is) the same size as the inches you noted! 

This pattern can be made in literally any yarn with any hook you have! I do teach you a little bit about which hook to choose and how to navigate yarn sizes, but anything you have in your stash or that you picked up from the store will work! Even dollar store yarn! 


The things you will need besides your yarn and hook are a pair of scissors, a measuring tape or ruler, and a darning needle (we like to call them tapestry needles in the yarn world)!


Thank you for your support! It means the world to me!

Crochet a Hat from Zero: Super beginner crochet pattern!

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