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Designed for anyone who stitches in any way! Knit, Crochet, Cross stitch, or embroidery. The holographic Fierce Stitcher sticker is waterproof for use on water bottles and hearty for sticking on laptops! 
The pin cushion tomato is a renowned stitching icon, and when paired with a venus flytrap gives a new twist to this traditional item!
I am deeply connected to this design, and feel empowered and encouraged each time I see it or use the sticker.
This would make a fantastic gift for the stitcher in your life, or a sweet little pick-me-up for yourself! With free shipping, and a free goodie in each order shipped, you can have this sent directly to you, or to a friend having a low time. What could be more joyful than that?!


Designed exclusively for Ila Quinn Designs. Copyright, 2020, Ila Quinn Designs.

Holographic Fierce Stitcher: dye cut Venus Fly trap Tomato Pin cushion sticker

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