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The Not a Square Sensory toy was the first pattern designed by Ila Quinn Designs, and remains extremely special to us! 

Truly a one of a kind texture Montesory Crochet toy made from a series of triangular facets that form a cube!

Sensory and Montesory style toys are good for inproving hand eye coordination and skill. Since this toy is soft it even good for throwing and more engaging games with older kids! 

This toy makes a wonderful baby shower gift, or perhaps you are hoping to make it for your own little one! Babies will love the texture, colors, and a little rattle! As they grow and gain hand-eye coordination, the toy can be tossed about and enjoyed in any number of ways without worry since it is soft and manageable! 


About the pattern: 

I used Lion Brand Jeans yarn which is a worsted weight yarn, and is extremely soft and still washable! 

You will need a little less than 300 yards, a 5mm crochet hook, and stuffing of course! 

A series of photos throughout the pattern will help with assembly and finishing!


Which colors will you use?! The possibilities are endless in this darling textured toy!


Our designs are the sole property of Ila Quinn Designs. All copying and redistribution of our intellectual property are prohibited. Copyright 2020, Ila Quinn Designs.

Not a Square: Crochet Sensory Toy

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