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This sticker is a 3 inch representation of my own cross stitch pattern, "Sea it's a turtle in teal" which is my largest and arguably most popular design to date! This sticker is durable!!! I've been using it on water bottles that are hand-washed daily for a year now, and they still look amazing!

"Sea it's a turtle in teal" was one of my first cross-stitch designs, and is deeply important to me. I have always wanted to turn this gorgeous large cross stitch into product! This sticker is the first step to seeing that dream come true!

As with all our stickers, it comes with FREE SHIPPING, and a little something extra thrown in! If you need a little mood booster, this is a great way to have your own back, or ship directly to a friend to bring them a little spot of joy!


This design is the sole property of Ila Quinn Designs. Copyright 2020, Ila Quinn Designs.

Sea its a Turtle in Teal 3 inch dye cut sticker:

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