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I created the Marvelous Blanket to be a collection of textured stitches that work well with Lion Brand yarn co. Homespun yarn. It is soft and lovely to cuddle up under, but some patterns just don't work with the stitches! I practiced and found that these textures work pretty well, and make a lovely blanket that is worked all in one with the border worked at the same time!


The Marvelous blanket is made using 6 different colors of bulky weight yarn Stitched with a 9mm hook. The blanket is worked in one piece with the border worked with the blanket!
Gauge is not super vital, but changes in gauge will affect the finished size and the overall yarn usage. So proceed at your own risk!
Different stitch patterns are used in each block to create a marvelously textured blanket (thus the name)!
Each of the 5 blocks will use about 1 skein of Homespun yarn from Lion Brand, You will also need 3 skeins of the main color (the border color)!
Because of the different textures of each block, it will likely be necessary to steam block the blanket!
The finished blanket will be 36" x 52” if you choose to follow my guide for gauge!

Copyright, 2022. Ila Quinn Trakel

The Marvelous Blanket

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