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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
A dark haired white woman is sitting on the floor (not pictured) laughing and holding a 9 month old baby in the air like he is flying! the baby is giggling at the woman and is wearing a green crocheted dragon costume with royal blue wings and spikes. The baby is wearing a crochet hat that matches and the hat has green ears, blue spikes along the back, and grey horns on the top! In the background is an off white wall with a cross stitches sea turtle in on, and another that says "Go insane, Go insane, Throw some skittles, make it rain" with little cross stitched candy falling around it.

25 years of garment construction

Blessing of blessings. There is no white woman in this photo. Just a pretty green glass flower strung on a chain and made into a charm. The charm is on a cardboard holder held by a little blue yarn. The cardboard is laying in the middle of a randomly selected pile of green and black beads. The background is white faux wood panels. Since I have extra word count available on this photo, I want you to know that I really love writing these captions, and I'm super glad you are here.


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