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How to Crochet a Hat from Zero: FREE CROCHET PATTERN.

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Are you new to crochet and don't know how to read patterns yet, but you want to make something wearable? Perhaps you are a teacher and need some guidance on simplifying the process for your students! Well, welcome to the first in a series I call "How to Crochet from Zero". And today I am sharing my first pattern in the series: How to Crochet a Hat from zero"

I have a YouTube video coming, and I will link it here when it's live!

For now, you can grab the add free PDF HERE, or follow along for the free pattern below!

We all start somewhere, and this pattern will teach you how to crochet a hat with little or no experience in crochet, and little or no experience in reading crochet patterns! It can be overwhelming to see all of the instructions in patterns and not know what it means or what to do with the terms used. This pattern will walk you through the instructions Step by step!

A note to experienced crocheters:

I didn’t make a gauge for this pattern. I wanted to be able to convert this pattern to any yarn size and any hook used. Gauge is tricky even for the experienced crocheter, and I have figured out a work around for this vital piece of information!

For instance, look at this tiny doll sizes hat I made with this pattern!

Seriously. Look how tiny!!!!



You will probably want a whole skein or a mostly whole skein for most sizes!

Crochet hook:

Below I offer suggested hook sizes for each yarn size. But you can also look on the label of the yarn and use the hook size they suggest!

In the example above you will see a small skein of yarn with a 4 on it. That means this yarn is a level 4 Medium (or Worsted) weight yarn. The hook they recommend is a 5mm H hook! This is a great place to start with your project, but for my pattern I would recommend a J or K hook! You want the hat to be a little stretchy!

Other supplies:

Tapestry needle (Also called a darning needle or a dull pointed large eye needle)

Stitches used: 

You only need to know how to Chain and Single crochet for all sizes!


Practically any size can be made from this pattern! If you are making one for yourself, measure around your head and write down that size! Below are some size guidelines to help you choose how big to make it!

Begin Pattern:

Step 1: Grab a skein of yarn and a hook around the size I suggested above!

Step 2: Chain until your chain measures 6 ½ inches long for a Baby hat, 8 ½ inches long for a hat for kids, and 10 ½ inches long for an adult.

Step 3: Make one more chain (we use this to turn our work, but we don’t crochet into it) Single crochet in the second chain from where your hook is, and then place one single crochet in each chain across.

Step 4: At the end of the row chain one, and turn your work.

Step 5: Single crochet into the back loop of the first single crochet from the previous row, then do the same in each stitch across the row.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your rectangle measures 12 inches for a newborn, 18 inches for a kid, and 20-21 inches for an adult.

Step 6: When you are done with that, fold your first row up next to the row you just finished so your hat looks like a cylinder and try to line up your first stitches on both rows!

Step 7: Insert your hook into the back loop of the first single crochet on the row you just finished like normal AND into the back loop of the first row you made. Yarn over and pull through all three of the loops on your hook.

Repeat step 7 in each stitch across the row.

Step 8: Measure out about a foot of yarn and then cut the yarn. Grab the dull pointed tapestry needle and thread your yarn into it.

Step 9: Skip two rows and insert your needle (from the inside to the outside) into the the next stitch, and push it through,  skip two more rows and insert your needle (from the outside to the inside) into the next stitch and push it through. 

Repeat step 9 around the entire top of the cylinder. 

Pull the yarn tight and you should be able to watch it pinch closed!

Now to finish the magic!!! 

Weave in the end of the yarn you used to close the top. 

Weave in the end from your beginning chain!

Turn the hat inside out, and you can leave it laying flat or turn the bottom brim!

See, that wasn't to bad!

Comment below what you would like to see next in the series! I have ideas, but what should I make first?

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